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Trading Products

We also supply a wide range of technically advanced plant, machines and equipment for application in diverse industries. These products are tested on various parameters to ensure quality and reliability. Our emphasis remains on providing our customers a niche with technology that can increase their productivity and considerable reduce capital investment. The broad range of products under this category includes Re-Heating Furnaces, Steel Melting Shop, Steel Melting Shop and Motors & Transformers.

Re-Heating Furnaces
Re-Heating Furnaces
The re-heating furnace are used to bringing the raw material ie. ingot / billet etc. to the ambience temperature required for rolling.

We supply and export various types of Industrial oil / gas fired / natural gas / electrically heated fuel-efficient furnaces, combustion equipments like burners, blowers, oil recuperator, hot air generators and air pollution control systems as per customers' requirements.

The design and engineering of the re-heating furnace is done so as minimize the use of your burning fuel and to give the most optimized and efficient production in the required time frame.

The capacity of re-heating furnace ranges from 1 -2 tons per hour for scarp rolling mills to up to 100 tons per hour for heavy section mills.

SMT Machines (India) Limited

Melting Furnace Scrap Feeding Hydraulic Trolley
Trolley is a device used lo move material from one station to another with reduced effort. There trolley available according to the need of customer as rolling friction is quite less than sliding friction so that it becomes easy to shift heavy material from one place to other consuming less time and effort.

Furnace trolley is used to transfer the scrap from trolley to furnace with ease, safety and reduced manpower. It is quite a tough job to collect and then deliver tons of scrap material of variable size to furnace safely and quickly. Like railway bogie the trolley moves on a track with wheels similar to that of railway bogie. The trolley is loaded with scrap according to the capacity and driven on track. It is displaced near to the furnace with the help of electric motor and then trolley gets lifted up with the help of hydraulic and scrap is delivered to the furnace. Empty trolley is driven back to the starting point and the cycle repeats until unless the furnace is filled to the capacity. There are several other ways to deliver material from scrap yard to the furnace due to some of the limitations such as variability of size and shape of scrap material, loading and unloading time, manpower utilization etc. this is found to be quite suitable solution and widely used as a medium for quick and effortless material movement.
Melting Furnace Scrap Feeding Hydraulic Trolley
SMT Machines (India) Limited

Workshop Machinery
Workshop Machinery
In this age of technological advancements, various machines have been designed to make industrial tasks easier and faster. Offering a wide range of Lathe Machines. Planer Machines. Piano Miller, Vertical Turning Lathe, Shaper Machines. Radial Drilling Machines, Hydraulic Hacksaw Machines. Special Purpose Machines, Workshop Machinery, Tool Room Machinery, Heavy Duty Lathe Machine, etc. and their spare parts.

We can also provide fully geared lathes and other special and heavy duty purpose workshop machinery with the best quality and limited time frame.

SMT Machines (India) Limited

Motors A.C / D.C Panels
An electric motor is a device using electrical energy to produce mechanical energy, nearly always by the interaction of magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors. The reverse process that of using mechanical energy to produce electrical energy is accomplished by a generator or dynamo.

An AC motor is an electric motor that is driven by an alternating current. It consists of two basic parts, an outside stationary stator having coils supplied with alternating current to produce a rotating magnetic field, and an inside rotor attached to the output shaft that is given a torque by the rotating field.

An DC motor is designed to run on DC electric power. By far the most common DC motor types are the brushed and brushless types, which use internal and external commutation respectively to create an oscillating AC current from the DC source.

We can provide normal AC motors from 1 H. P to 300 H. P and then motors up to 1500 H.R, which are SPDP type and are specially designed for rolling mill duty. In special requirements we can also provide motors up to 6000H.P

In case of DC motors, the same can provided from a capacity of 22.5kw to upto 500kw.

We provide electrics and automation starting from planning to engineering & design, software development, erection & commissioning to cover the complete life cycle of a project.

The company has particular interests in the Hot Rolling industry. We supply following products.
  • LT & HT Distribution
  • AC & DC Drive Systems
  • DCS & PLC
  • Instrumentation
  • Level 1 &2 Software
  • Automatic Gauge Control Systems
  • Automatic Ratness Control Systems
  • Integrated electric and automation solutions
Motors Ac, Dc Panels

SMT Machines (India) Limited

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